Powerful AI, Technology and Merch in 2023

ai robot tech

The most innovative companies are always looking for ways to push technological boundaries.

tech chargecuterie

(this is a Chargecuterie Board, one of many new cool branded tech items)

In our fast-paced world and with continuously evolving technology, the marketing field has to find ways to keep up. New technology forces us to do business differently.
How do we use technology in marketing?

ear buds tech

Tech merch is very popular, because customers keep it around to use.

For example, power banks, wireless earbuds, LED keychains, wall chargers, and USB flash drives.

Ever seen an LED bracelet? They are so fun, and perfect for marketing events or concerts!

tech video box

Other tech merch ideas can convey your message via video or audio messages.

It’s not just about the new gadgets we choose for merchandising, it’s also about *how* we use the technology itself.

By now you’ve likely heard about people using Artificial Intelligence to write blogs, articles and papers. AI can be so convincing it’s nearly impossible to tell whether it was written by a human or a machine.

ai robot tech

Chat bots are another form of AI used on websites that simulate an “intelligent” conversation with the customer. Bots can respond to customers, provide answers and sometimes even initiate actions. We’ve all seen them by now on social media.  We’ve all used them on a consumer website. Some are good, and some make you want to shout at the screen.

AI is amazing, but not yet perfected. That’s why you need Swizzle.

colorful swizzlers AI has not been able to completely reproduce human creativity or that human touch you get with good customer service…..at least not yet.

For this reason, creativity is still uniquely human, and it and Swizzle are needed to tell the unique story of your brand.

This is where a creative solutions specialist from Swizzle comes in. Let us know if you’d like to explore innovative merch or new ideas for your brand.

P.S., we wanted to see what it was like to write a blog using AI.  It was partially successful.  Approximately 25% of this blog was written with an AI app Introducing ChatGPT (openai.com)

This informative  article was written by
Swizzle staff contributor
Dr. Monique Stanfield, Psy.D.

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