Nevadans Like Promotional Products the BEST!

dog hoodie promotional

The votes are in!  Turns out,  Nevadans Like Promotional Products the BEST!

What’s that you say?  We are talking about promotional items. Research provided by the Advertising Specialty Institute found that of ALL the ways to promote business, PROMOTIONAL ITEMS ARE #1 over Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, TV or Internet Advertising. That means giving your customers items they can feel, touch or use is the best form of advertising!


Believe it or not, favorite promotional items vary by State.  So having knowledge of the geographical location is actually very important! You wouldn’t want to be giving frisbees away in Antarctica would you?

SO, Of the all the promotional items possible, which do Nevadans like best?


Nevadans like OUTERWEAR as their first choice for promotional items!

We can be thankful for this, and maybe it’s because Nevada offers us some of the wackiest weather. It’s good to be prepared for the hottest of Summer or the Coldest of Winter. There’s outerwear for it all.  It just so happens that Outerwear is also #1 for items that get the most impressions, (which is the number of times the item is viewed).

dog hoodie promotional

The volume of people who see the promotional Jacket, Fleece or other outerwear you choose is impressive!  Each piece of Outerwear, on average will generate 7,856 impressions over its lifetime.  That’s 7,856 people looking directly at your logo!  So, by that calculation with a company of 10 employees, 78,560 will see YOUR logo! Imagine how many impressions you could generate when putting this promotional item in the hands of 50 people. Just 50 jackets could reach 392,800 people!

In order, the other favorite promotional items Nevadans chose were:

  1. Performance Wear
  2. Bags
  3. Health and Safety Items
  4. Polo Shirts

The favorites of any region are important to know. Knowing which items get the most impressions is also important, as they are two different things.  The 5 Items that get the highest number of impressions are, in order:

  1. Outerwear – 7,856 impressions per item
  2. T-Shirts – 5,053 impressions per item
  3. Hats – 3,380 impressions per item
  4. Drinkwear – 3,162 impressions per item
  5. Writing Instruments – 2,436 impressions per item


Here at Swizzle, we can guide you through the process of choosing YOUR favorites AND popular items to  help your promotional items get maximum exposure.  Stay tuned for more fun stats in a follow-up future blog.  Feel free to give us a call and speak with one of our Creative Solutions Specialists when you’re ready to promote your business or organization!

*statistical information provided by Advertising Specialty Institute.

For a PDF of their report see Ad_Impressions_2023.pdf (asicentral.com)

For more info on how to use apparel to build your brand visit Use Branded Apparel To Build Your Brand – Swizzle (swizzlestory.com)









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