5 reasons to let Swizzle do the work for you


5 reasons to let Swizzle do the work for you

When someone asks “I can get it cheaper online, why would I use Swizzle?”

First we take a deep breathe and smile. Then we will say “if we can’t compete with that then absolutely, please go for it.” However, we love the opportunity to explain that most of the time, if you find something cheaper online, it’s likely not an “apples to apples” comparison. All things being equal, we can almost always compete and will try to better what you’ve found.

But that’s not all…Here are 5 reasons to let Swizzle do the work for you.
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Reason 1

Swizzle is LOCAL. With local you know who you are dealing with and will get personalized, 1:1 customer service in real-time. You can drop by our office, and we can even come to you. Heck, we may even invite you to stop by for some snacks (and bring your pup along with you).

Reason 2.

“Apples to Apples” is the key phrase, and we know the quality of the items we order. We’ve been doing this a long time and can guide your process for choosing the right product for your brand. For example, cheapest may not be better if the item falls apart quickly. We can usually tell you if it’s worth spending a few pennies more to get a better quality item.

Reason 3.

It’s our job to be creative, hence our job titles are ‘Creative Solutions Specialists.’ We want to explore your ideas with you to come up with the promo items that will work best for your business. We know the latest, gidgets, gadgets, and trends in merch. We will do all the work searching thousands of items which can also save you valuable time.

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Reason 4.

If you aren’t sure about an item before seeing it, we can get samples for you to see and feel. For example, shirt materials and styles vary greatly. It can be an overwhelming decision picking the “right” one when left on your own. We can get samples of items so you can feel the material or see how embroidery might look. We can also do a mock up with your artwork and if needed alter the design to make it fit better.

Reason 5.

Need a logo or artwork? Our graphic artists are in-house, and have a combined 40 years of experience. Designing is a favorite part of what we do!

In sum, why use Swizzle?


To us it’s a no-brainer. When you become our client, you are as important to us as your brand is for you, and your success is our success. It costs you nothing extra for local, 1:1 customer service, and guaranteed satisfaction!

Ask us a questions. We love our jobs and want to help. Learn more about us and our passions at Swizzle Reno – Swizzle Brand Solutions Reno (swizzlestory.com)

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This informative article was written by
Swizzle staff contributor
Dr. Monique Stanfield, Psy.D.



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