How to Use Apparel to Build Your Brand

Branded apparel is a great way to help build your brand. Whether it’s a T-shirt you’re giving away at a trade event or a professional polo your team wears out in the field, these items are the perfect opportunity to show off your brand’s personality while expanding your brand’s reach.

If you see a member of Swizzle out in the community, you will definitely see us rocking our Swizzle polos or half-zip jackets. This is a huge way for us to advertise, because people always ask us, “What’s Swizzle?” Not only is it free advertising, but it also helps show off our fun, sporty brand. Folks who see our branded apparel can begin to form accurate perceptions of what our company is like, just at a glance.

When you have that kind of high visibility, here’s how to be sure that your logo looks its best.

Choose Correct Apparel

Swizzle can help you choose the perfect apparel to showcase your brand. In addition to your brand persona, we carefully consider the event, the clientele — even the season. A baseball game should have different apparel than a trade show, and depending on your business, you might want your employees decked out in something different than what you’d give to a potential customer. Men and women of different ages all have their own clothing preferences, as well. We keep a finger on the pulse of what’s trending so that you don’t have to.

Choose Quality Apparel

We only buy high quality apparel. First, if we give our employees high quality garments, they’re more willing to wear them every day. Second, our logo actually looks better on a high quality polo than it does on a cheap, heavy cotton shirt. That makes our decision pretty easy.

The same goes for T-shirts. Cheap shirts just won’t get worn. There are too many high quality lighter cotton shirts and blends for people to choose from these days. The heavy, old, shrinking cotton shirts aren’t most people’s first choice.

Have you ever caught a T-shirt at a basketball game only to take it home and find out it’s cheap, with cheap printing and terrible quality? Do you wear this shirt? No. You donate it or wash your car with it.

That’s why we always advise our clients to choose apparel they like — and what they think others will appreciate — over what’s most affordable. If you have the chance to generate a high visibility, positive impression item, don’t toss your money in the garbage by giving people something they’ll want to throw away. Sure, if the T-shirt is a nonprofit’s giveaway at a 5K, it doesn’t need to be super expensive. But we’ll still work on finding the right style and material to match the profile of the event’s attendees. The more your apparel is worn, the more ROI you’ll get from it.

Apparel That’s Popular Right Now

This is a question we get asked all the time. Currently, some of the most popular branded apparel items include polos, half-zip jackets, regular jackets, high quality T-shirts, baseball caps, beanies and socks. Believe it or not, socks are one of the hottest giveaways at trade events right now. They are amazing as a giveaway item because they’re economical, they’re one-size-fits-all, and people LOVE them.

Questions about how to find the right apparel for your brand? Just ask! Team Swizzle is always here to help.

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