6 Promotional Items We Love

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6 Promotional Items We Love

Beanies and polos and embroidered goodies

Finely etched glassware and comfortable hoodies

Colorful totes and gadgets with bling….these are a few of our favorite things.

People often ask our opinions on which promotional items are our favorites.  The popularity of any particular promotional item goes through phases, and the timing is important. For example, a fidget spinner, wildly popular a few years ago, isn’t necessarily the right choice for today’s audience.  So sometimes our current favorites also reflect the popularity of the item today.

Since you’ve asked, we polled our Swizzle team and decided to share our current favorites with you.

Swizzle Team, What are you Favorite Promotional Items?

Lisa’s Choices for favorite items:

merch earbuds promotional

Item #1 Ear buds

“I like the high perceived value and the quality of the no name brand style. I like how this is a personal item that will be held on to.”  Here is a quote from one of my customers- “I can’t believe how fast it took to receive these ear buds!  They look amazing. Thanks so much for such a glamorous product!”

promotional laminated bags merch

Item #2  Laminated Totes

“I love to see these totes being used all over town and how they get kept and used over and over. Makes me smile to see them out in the wild. They are big and sturdy.”

Monica’s choices:

promotional lunch box merch


Item #1 Retro metal lunch box kits.

“I love the look of these retro lunch box kits.   With a formed insert accommodating a couple different styles of tumbler options, this kit gives a cool, retro touch for any promotion.”

“I also love the large imprint area for full color designs, making sure your brand and message are front and center and giving a real WOW factor to the recipient.”

promotional packing cube swizzle

Item #2 Recycled Packing Cube Set

Think Green while traveling with this packing cube set made of durable recycled polyester made from recycled water bottles.  This 3-piece set helps you to be able to pack more and stay organized, all while doing good for the planet.  Through a partnership with 1% For The Planet, one percent of purchases are donated to environmental nonprofits.

“I love this because functional travel items are a growing trend.  This is not only functional, but so different than many of the customized promotional merch out on the market today.”

Monique’s Choices:

anniversary swizzle cheers tumbler

Item #1   Colorful Silicone Wine Tumbler and Silicone Pint Glass

“Who wouldn’t love these tumblers?  They’re versatile, can be shoved in a backpack, and they are good for both hot and cold items. I use both of these myself, and walking around outside you don’t have to worry about breaking it if it gets dropped or knocked over. It gets tons of compliments too!”

trucker cap promotional merch

Item #2 Trucker Hats

“I love this Cap America hat!  It’s a top quality hat and it’s just a really overall consistent item.  But since not everyone loves the trucker style, it also comes in the more traditional shape.  Because it is two tone, it’s easy to find a good color combination for the client, and the mesh back keeps the head cooler in hot weather.”

What’s YOUR Favorite?

Narrowing it down to just a couple of items was a difficult task for us.  There have been so many cool promotional items over the years, and since each client has different needs, we get to see a lot of fun things.  We truly love helping our customers choose from thousands of potential items.

Check out our merch page The Best Promotional Products In Reno #1 – Swizzle (swizzlestory.com) and let us know if you find something to ask us about.

We’d love to help  you find YOUR favorite.

This article was written by
Swizzle staff contributor
Dr. Monique Stanfield, Psy.D


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