5 Ways to Stay COOL This Summer

summer cool

5 ways to stay COOL while looking COOL this summer

summer cool

Summer is here and with many events being held outside, we thought we’d share our thoughts on some COOL summer merch to make any event COOL.

5 WAYS to STAY COOL with Summer MERCH

  1. Having an outside party or event? Water is a must! Keep your guests cool and hydrated with a customized water bottle. Customized bottles are an easy breezy way to promote your brand, while taking care of the basic necessities.

cool summer drinkware

  1. Swizzle is THROWING SHADE on hot, uncomfortable outdoor events. Canopy tents, Sunshades or Umbrellas can be a great way to get your name seen and your brand viewed in BIG PRINT, all while blocking that heatwave.

cool summer tent

  1. Block those unwanted UV rays with these customized pocket-sized sunscreens. These have an attached carabiner to hook on your bag or shorts for convenient access when the sun is blazing.  These are a huge fan favorite.

The image for: ZSUN19

  1. Sun Attire. Moisture Wicking, lightweight outerwear like shirts, long-sleeved hoodies, and/or shirts with UV protection and sunhats are all the rage. Sunshirts are comfortable and loose fitting. High Vis attire is also available with UV protection for those working in the sun.

  1. Oh what a relief an artificial breeze can be.  We are a FAN of these portable hand-held Slim N Slender Misting Fan’s.  This compact, personal fan provides a fine mist and is a great way to get cooled down fast.

Slim N Slender Misting Fan

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