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Did you know that approximately 50% of the working population wears some type of matching professional attire or company uniform, and 94% of consumers prefer it this way? **


When we walk into a business the company wardrobe identifies who to speak with. Or, as in the case of emergency personnel like Police Officers, it helps us identify who can help us.  We outfit our military, our schools, sports teams, businesses, wedding parties, and even our pets. A Work Wardrobe is such a societal norm, most of us don’t question being requested to wear one if we are involved in an organized group.

“The distinctive clothing worn by members of the same organization” is technically called a uniform, as defined by the Oxford Dictionary. However, here at Swizzle, we call it “THE WORKING WARDROBE.” A Working Wardrobe consists of apparel and accessories strategically used to OUTFIT YOUR TEAM.  And it is about more than just wearing matching clothing and accessories.

For this May, 2024 blog we thought we’d list 6 REASONS why a WORKING WARDROBE is IMPORTANT YOUR ORGANIZATION.

  1. PROFESSIONALISM. A Work Wardrobe implies a certain level of professionalism. It says “I work here, I know what I’m doing, and am here to help.” It conveys a certain level of expertise or knowledge, and subconsciously welcomes the customer to interact or ask for help.
  2. IDENTITY. It provides a sense of Identity and belongingness. Making it onto the “team” is something to be proud of. Donning the attire is a badge of honor and a symbol of representing the team. With this comes a sense of pride and self-worth.  This fosters team spirit and comradery for an overall better work environment.
  3. FUNCTIONALITY.  A specific Work Wardrobe can be a necessity for functionality. For example, medical personnel wear scrubs for mobility and comfort, protection from harmful substances and bodily fluids (among other things). They are also easy to clean.
  4. SAFETY. Some jobs are more dangerous than others. So, for safety reasons, specific attire is needed in order to prevent worker injuries from chemicals or machinery.
  5. AESTHETICS. Let’s just be honest.   A well-outfitted group is better looking than a non-outfitted group.   The conveyed message is “we are organized, and we care about what we are doing.” And, by the way WE LOOK GOOOOOD.”
  6. UNITY & INCLUSIVITY. Since individuals come in ALL SHAPES AND SIZES, we can find a WORKING WARDROBE that works for EVERYONE from sizes XS-5X.  Even Modern or Classic styles can provide comfort and flexibility.  When team members feel comfortable, they feel more valued, and it brings out the best in everyone on the team.
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At Swizzle we get a lot of requests for promotional work apparel.  The THREE most requested items are matching Polos, Jackets and Tees.  However, the choices are endless, and we encourage our clients to think outside of the box too. Ask one of our Creative Solutions Specialists if you want some ideas. We LOVE to help!

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This article was written by
Swizzle staff contributor
Dr. Monique Stanfield, Psy.D.

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