Swizzle’s Top 12 Promotional Products for 2021

Swizzle's Top 12 Promotional Products for 2021

Swizzle’s Top 12 Promotional Products for 2021

If you listen and look around, you may feel a little bit of optimism creeping in.   We have all the fun of the year end and elections behind us, we are slowly but surely starting to get people vaccinated and Spring is right around the corner.   With this we are starting to see alot of our customers gain confidence in a rebound and starting to look to promote their business more.   To help push this we are seeing many companies refresh their brands along with their business cards, apparel and promotional items.   We are still a ways off from large events, but the time to get back to business as usual is actually starting to feel close and with that comes some great excitement.
What should you do?
First, take a look at where you are and what you want to accomplish in 2021.  Many of us have been running at 50% or less and haven’t looked at some basics like our brand and the different avenues our clients see us.   If we are going to come out fresh lets actually freshen things up.   How old are you staff photos on your webpages or business cards?   When was the last time you refreshed your business cards and collateral?   What branded apparel do we want our teams to be wearing this Spring? And, lastly what items are we giving to our employees and clients.   We aren’t doing normal events quite yet, but branded promotional items are still an amazing way to get your brand noticed.
Swizzle is here to help.   Our team can help you choose the perfect item and our designers can help make sure your brand and promotional items look amazing.


The Top 12
Next Level Apparel Unisex Cotton T-Shirt
Click Here: Next Level T Shirt Link


Adidas Cotton Blend Athletic Polo
Click Here: Athletic Polo Link


Ogio Endurance ¼ Zip Pullovers
Click Here: Pullover Link


New Era Ball Cap
Click Here: New Era Ballcap Link


Bluetooth Clip Clap Speaker
Click Here: Clip Clap Bluetooth Speak Link


QI Wireless Disc Charger
Click Here: QI Wireless Disc Charger Link


Bluetooth®Earbuds in Carabiner Case
Click Here: Bluetooth Earbuds in Case Link


Wireless Power Bank
Click Here: Wireless Power Bank Link


Neoprene Padded Laptop Sleeve W/ Zipper
Click Here: Padded Laptop Sleeve Link


Personal Protection
Neck Gaiter
Click Here: Neck Gaiter Link


Face Mask Holder Case
Click Here: Microfiber Mask Pouch Link


Spray Hand Sanitizer
Click Here: Hand Sanitizer Spray Link


Those are Swizzle’s Top 12 Promotional Products for 2021
We are here and looking forward to helping you kick off 2021 the right way!


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Swizzle help brands connect and tell their story through a number of channels including promotional items, apparel, print, logo creation, brand refresh and overall brand strategy.  People connect to your brand through the stories you tell. Swizzle helps bring your story to life and adds in the visual and audio backdrop that your brand needs to resonate with today’s audience.  Our mission is to help clients spread their message in a fun and positive way while doing some genuine good – for our clients, for our team, and for our family, friends and neighbors. Good music, baseball and tacos don’t hurt either.


Swizzle’s Top 12 Promotional Products for 2021



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