Creative Strategist – Lisa Cook

Lisa and Ranger

Swizzle Brand Solutions would like to officially welcome Lisa Cook to the team.  

Lisa will assume the role of Creative Strategist for Swizzle.  Lisa Cook comes to Swizzle, along with our newest office mascot Ranger (the hardest working Golden Retriever in the industry). Lisa brings 25 years of design and promotional experience to the Swizzle team.  Native to the Reno area, Lisa started her first business – Blue Moon Promotions – with her brother Martin in the flannel drenched year of 1993, quickly gaining a well-deserved reputation as a creative powerhouse.  Blue Moon sold in 2006 and Lisa stayed there with the new owners until 2018. 

Lisa brings a ton of experience to Swizzle.   She is a dual threat with both a graphic arts and photography background. Her dedication to mastering her craft has allowed her to become one of the region’s most sought-after artists.  Swizzle is lucky to have partnered with Lisa. 

When she’s not helping Swizzle offer a higher level of creativity and original ideas.  Lisa loves baseball (go Aces and Giants!), live music, and anywhere that allows her to take along Ranger.   As a lifelong resident of Northern Nevada, Lisa also enjoys giving back to her community by working with a number of nonprofit organizations. 

Around the Swizzle office, Lisa boasts what could quite possibly be the world’s strangest playlist which can range anywhere from the Rolling Stones to Madonna to Frank Sinatra to Eminem and everything in between.   (This may well come to a point of contention one day but for now we will let it slide). 

Lisa is the best at helping clients find promotional products that match their brand and events.  Like the rest of Swizzle, Lisa believes that promotional products shouldn’t be the cheapest items you can find.  A good promotional product is creative, original and accurately represents your brand. When you are ready elevate your brand with cool new ideas, call team Swizzle.  



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