Want Year-End Gifts for Your Company?

Now is the Time to Start Placing Orders

(Yes, We Really Said Now)

Calling all slowpokes and early birds: If you’re thinking of giving gifts to your staff or customers for the 2021 holiday season, now is the time to start thinking about what you want and getting your promo orders in. That’s right, we really said now.

Why so early? Unfortunately, COVID-19 has caused a couple of big snafus in the national and global supply chains. That means early birds will have to order even earlier for the best selection of products, and slowpokes will have to order before the last minute to receive the items they want in time for the holidays!

The Setback With Company Gifts This Year

Last year, COVID-19 had a huge impact on the global supply chain. Now, the Delta variant is taking a toll. Factories are suspending operations or shutting down entirely. Product transport is experiencing delays both internationally and domestically. As a result, it’s becoming more difficult to maintain a steady supply of popular products and deliver orders as fast as we used to.

Come November and December, when everyone typically places holiday orders, it will be difficult — if not impossible — to get the items you want when you want them. Orders might come, as the saying goes, slower than molasses in January. Under normal circumstances, this would be fine. But under COVID-19 circumstances, there will simply be holes in the supply chain that no one is able to fill in time.

What You Can Do About It — And How We Can Help

1. Call us now to get the best selection.

If you’re picky about the products you want, you’ll have the best selection if you order now. So start thinking about what gifts you want, or call us for help with brainstorming, selection and design.

2. Consider gift kits.

Want to put together a nice appreciation or holiday gift kit? We’re happy to source any items you want, kit them once they arrive, and dropship them to your mailing list.

3. Provide a company catalog.

Want to offer your employees a digital catalog of company apparel for the holidays? We can set up a custom catalog of apparel that fits your brand so that your staff can choose their own company gifts.

Why Order Promotional Gifts for the Holidays?

Whether you’re celebrating one of the holidays, taking time to thank customers for their support, or making sure your staff knows you appreciate all their hard work, promotional items are the best way to stay top-of-mind, enhance your brand values and personality, and grow a sense of community among everyone who supports your business.

How do promo products work for your brand?

● A piece of promo outerwear, such as jackets or hoodies, generates over 6,100 impressions in its lifetime.
● Calendars are a great way to stay on consumers’ minds year-round. Additionally, 52% of consumers will keep a calendar past the 1-year mark.
● Promotional bags are a highly used promo item. On average they’re kept for 11 months and seen 3,300 times, giving them a $0.002 cost-per-impression.

The Takeaway

We’re used to working around the clock over the holidays to ensure everyone gets the items they want on time. But this year, certain circumstances will be out of our hands.

No matter when you place your order, we’ll always give you the best possible advice on product selection, availability and timing. Selecting the right gifts will ensure the items are given to happy recipients who will put them to use — and remember your company well — for a long time. Swizzle can make it happen… But to make sure you get what you really want, call us now to start planning your year-end, holiday gift giving.

Contact us for more information or start browsing for gifts now at https://swizzle.espwebsite.com/ 



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