Social Media Management

At Swizzle, our social media strategy is a little different. 

When we manage your social media, we don’t create random, generic posts every single day just to fill up your calendar. We’re not posting about Pancake Day unless you happen to have a restaurant that serves some out-of-this-world pancakes, and we’re not sharing Star Wars memes unless your brand has some kind of tie-in to Sith Lords and science fiction. We’re also not posting the same exact thing across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. That’s a great way to lose credibility with your following — fast.

Instead, we believe in meaningful social media posts. In order to be meaningful, your social media presence has to match your brand strategy and sales goals.

Posting generic content every day checks the box for a lot of companies. Technically speaking, you can post anything and complete the task. Post, post, post. But when it comes to your long-term goals, this strategy isn’t going to check all the boxes. Rarely will it lead to strong, quality engagement with your target audience.

The purpose of social media is to connect with others in a sincere and meaningful way. On the surface, posts need to be interesting to others, but they also need to achieve a deeper level of engagement. If your posts are all self-centered, or just trying to sell something, they’ll lose their appeal and be ignored. What’s worse, they can damage the integrity of your brand. To create quality engagement on social media, you need to dig deep and figure out what it is you can offer others.This is something we can help with.

Here’s how we handle it at Swizzle: We sit down with your team to determine your brand strategy, as well as the interests of your team and your audience. Then we create an action plan — what we’ll do for you and what topics have potential for traction with your brand. 

As an added service, we send in our graphics and photography team so that we can build a stable of compelling images that support your brand. Images are a unique part of branding, which is why we have a professional photographer and graphic artist working with our social media team to help shape your social media content and strategy.

The final piece of our social media philosophy is this: We believe collaboration is necessary to establish authenticity and originality in your online presence.While we manage your social media, we stay 100% connected to your team. This means we can respond to posts and field concerns for you, authentically representing the voice and values of your brand. We can also ensure your company continues to have fresh, vibrant content, and doesn’t fade into just another generic page. But it requires collaboration. Our team working with your team. Swizzle’s social media strategy will help you connect — and stay connected.

For more information contact Swizzle at

(775) 470-5297


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